Free video poker – bring the Vegas slots to the palm of your hand

The common Video Poker screen The common Video Poker screen

The free video poker sites really do bring an old retro feeling to your gambling. Free video poker has been one of the hottest games for a long time. Originating in the early 1970s, although very basic at that point, was improved in the late ’70s and become hugely popular throughout the 1980s. Video Poker has always been huge in Las Vegas and with the option of video poker free, more and more people have been drawn to it. There are a lot of variations of free video poker games so it’s always good to learn the rules before playing for real money. Read our Casino games guide for information on further games.

You will notice that the video poker comes across as a very simplistic format and is very user friendly

Although there are many variations of video poker games, the feeling behind them is very easy to use. They always tend to be a 5 draw poker game and in the bright lights of live casinos, you can win huge jackpots. This is where training on video poker games free is a huge advantage.

It is important to learn the different hands available when you are on video poker free sites

Video poker online, as with normal poker does not leave a lot of room for errors. The video poker machines will not allow you to correct a mistake after pressing deal or draw. If there was a card you wanted to hold but pressed the wrong button, unfortunately, it is too late at that point. Know what hand you are going for and ensure that you’ve held what you need to.

When using free video poker games don’t be afraid to play for the big hands while you play for free

A lot of casinos online will provide you with a trainer option when playing. This is another way video poker free online helps. The trainer will give you hints as to what cards to hold for different hands. The sites also advise though that playing in the trainer mode for longer than you need to doesn’t help as you will learn more by playing freely.

The video poker games work on the basis of a slot, although it’s a card game, it falls under the slot category

There are different types of online video poker. The wins will differ on the hands depending on what type you are playing. Free slots will bring you up to speed on the rules of each game. Jacks and higher is one of the most popular variations, this is where you have to have at least a pair of jacks or higher before you win anything. After that two pairs, then three of a kind. Some games will include the joker as a wild card, this can be very handy when you are pushing for a straight or a flush or, fingers crossed, a royal flush. You can get Texas hold’em games on video slots but they don’t fall under what video poker is known for. Before signing up to any site, read the policy to make sure you are only playing for free.

The most important rule when you log on to video poker games free is to enjoy yourself and have fun

They haven’t changed the format for a reason, the retro look, the easy, quick draw which allows faster play, it is all put together for your enjoyment. The initial menu will give you general information and contains the controls you can use if not using a mouse. Whether you are looking for that last king to make four of a kind or you are developing a strategy to try to beat the system, you will be more than happy with the results. Unlike most slots, video poker doesn’t have pay lines, it just has a guide for you to view as to what the winning hands are. Some games may include bonuses to increase your chances. There are normally super reviews on the different games to break it down for you. Where a lot of video poker is an online casino-based version, there will be an app available for others. Unlike the films, five aces aren’t something likely to happen unless you are playing the joker or double joker format. You don’t have to sign up to play on most sites, you can become the game king completely anonymously.

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